5 Best Pets for Kids; Types of Pets that are Best for Kids

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4 min readAug 7, 2020

Children love nature; that’s why they find themselves attractive to animals. Every kid should have a pet in their childhood because it gives the best memories.

Kids love to play with pets as they treat them like humans. Like adults, kids also want pets for companionship, and they give kids entertainment as well.

Sometimes it makes it hard to decide what type of pet you should get for your kid. Different types of pets need a different level of care, so you have to figure out what kind of pet you need.

Here are 5 best pets for kids:


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Cats are cute and adorable and are very friendly with kids. They need less care and low maintenance as compare to dogs. If you face a problem with having a pet because they take more space, you can pet a cat. Cats play with the kids, and kids love the kittens as well.

Unlike dogs, cats are a little moody and may scratch or chew things as well. But from kids view cats are the best animals as a pet. They don’t run away from kids, which makes kids more entertaining.


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Dogs make the best bonding with kids. Most of the dogs keep kids away from getting injured. Dogs keep the children very energetic by playing with them. They are loyal to the owners and very polite to children.

Before having a dog as a pet, you should keep in mind that they need high maintenance like a daily walk, cleaning, and care. But if you are okay with this fact, a dog would be the best choice for your kid as a pet.


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If you can afford high maintenance for the pet, you should get an aquatic pet, and in aquatic pets, the fish is the best choice for your kid. Kids love colorful fish, as they are quiet pets, so some kids like to talk to them.

Fishes take small space, and kids love to watch their movement.

If you are looking to have fish as a pet, you should know all the necessary details regarding their food, aquarium temperature, water, etc. You can also choose different colors of fish depending on what color your kid likes.


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Birds could be the best option as a pet for your kid. Some kids don’t want to touch the pets so that you can get a bird of any kind and color in that case. Kids love them watching fly and listening to them as well.

Before buying one, you must know about the birds as they require maintenance in cleaning and food. Some birds live long, and that quality lacks in other pets.

Birds also can’t harm kids as they are in the cage. Depending on the liking of the kid, a bird could be the best pet for your kid.


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Personally, a bunny is the most adorable animal I have ever seen. You can have a rabbit as a pet within and outside the house. They are knowledgeable and make bonding with kids after spending some time. The kids highly like rabbits because they are cute or attractive and are small pets for cuddling.

Before having them, you should know that they are messy and needs to be a pet in pair not single. Rabbits can replace both cats and dogs together because they have qualities of both of them at the same time.


As mentioned earlier, all the pets are best for the kids as they are all very friendly with kids, more comfortable taking care of, and good house pets. A parent can think about having one of them because it would make the kids happier, more entertaining, and joyful. Thinking about what to have a pet from the list, you should know the kid's liking.



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